Greatest Moments

Posted on 26 July 2016

Today let’s talk pictures. I love going into homes, looking at whatever montage of photos happen to be on display. Some of us go to great lengths, beautifully matting, framing, hanging equidistant the enlarged snapshots of life’s greatest moments. We turn entire walls of our homes into galleries of loved ones doing all kinds of spectacular things! Pictures of us mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, running marathons are fun to show, but do we also show pictures of us in the midst of the ground-breaking, life-transforming, mountain-moving presence of the Almighty God? And why not?

Is it because we haven’t had any God moments? Or is it just plain easier talking about and showing pictures of our trips to the mountains, the beach, and the city than it is articulating the intimate details of our faith journeys, which we think should be kept personal!

In the book of Mark, Jesus says: “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought into the open.”

So why are we hiding our God moments? Aren’t they meant to be shared? This has me asking, have I displayed for anyone even just the smallest snapshot of a moment I’ve had with God? It also has me wanting to collect from others pictures of them in the presence of God. Have I that picture of my mother in the healing arms of Jesus, any of my friends there with me at the foot of the cross? As a walking temple of the Holy Spirit, these are the pictures I long to collect, the pictures I want hanging within me!

Do you have a memorable God moment you’d like to share? It doesn’t have to be some larger than life picture of you dancing on the top of Mount Kilimajaro. Sometimes our most memorable moments with God are as subtle as a butterfly landing on our shoulder.

Now remember, a sunrise seen from Sanibel is not the same rise one sees from San Francisco. There’s only one sun but a woman watching it from a barrier island off Florida’s Gulf Coast has an experience different than a woman watching it from California’s Pacific Coast. The sunrise is unique and personal to us each as are our personal moments spent with God.This is what makes sharing pictures, our testimonies, and hearing those of others so exciting.

And don’t worry. If you haven’t any pictures of you and God, if you can’t recall ever having so much as a single encounter with Him, He’s ready and waiting right now. The Bible, in James chapter four verse 8, says when we come nearer to God, he will come nearer to us.

So go ahead and take that first step. There’s hardly a more exciting picture to be had than taking your very first step toward God!

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