Steps from God

Posted on 01 August 2016

    Today, let’s talk about the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Lollipop. Just kidding. How about the number of steps it takes to reach God instead? No, I don’t want to count that either. But these days, there are steps we can take to just about anywhere: 6 steps to having the perfect body; 3 steps to a perfect marriage; 5 steps to financial freedom; and so on.

    When we first moved to Sanibel, we lived in a tiny house walking distance to the beach. All our friends and family would ask, “Exactly how close to the beach are you?”

    “Mere steps,” I would tell them, and a few times I did try counting.

     But this got me thinking. Do I care more about the number of steps to the beach I’m living or how close I’m living to God? How close are you living to God? Me, I didn’t want to be living down the road from him, or be driving distance away. I didn’t want Him to be someone I meet up with just once a week. I wanted to feel his spirit taken up residency within me. There’s no living closer than that.

    Sure, who doesn’t want to live steps to the beach? I do, and appreciate it every day. There’s nothing like looking out at the ocean. But when we live intimately close to God, we have the greatest view of all–a view of hope. And who doesn’t want to wake up each morning and see hope?

    Now don’t worry. If you feel like you’re living so far away from God—too many steps to count–just recognizing this distance is a giant step toward Him. Ask Him to meet up with you right now, wherever you are so he can walk each step with you. It only gets better because with each step you take, you’ll crave more and more to have Gods delicious truths embedded within.


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