“Christine Lemmon is the author of superbly written novels with the theme of women struggle to realize their true potential. Very highly recommended for community library contemporary fiction collections and personal leisure time reading lists, all three novels document Christine Lemmon as a gifted writer with a very special flare for creating memorable characters with extraordinary stories of their own.”
—The Midwest Book Review


A National Indie Excellence Awards FINALIST in the Fiction Category!


I love when I discover a new author, which is exactly what happened when I happened upon Christine Lemmon. 
I LOVED the story of empty nester Anna Hott who, twenty years ago, tried desperately to stop her life from spinning out of control around her by quitting her job and moving her family to the peaceful Sanibel Island, Florida (where all of Lemmon’s novels take place). But despite the move across hundreds of miles, she wasn’t able to let go of her anger over her husband’s infidelity or leave her desire to write a novel behind her. And when her husband and children leave the house for a week, Anna’s life changes. She meets a wise elderly neighbor, Fedelina, and has a test of passsions and truth. Now at age 56, Anna pulls out that unfinished manuscript to find closure for her life and a conclusion for her novel (l love that this is a novel within a novel) and travels to visit Fedelina to seek out more answers. I especially connected with the theme of the books: women helping women overcome tough times. And I wanted to find out more about this author I was now crushing on!
— Barnes & Noble

 Unabashedly Bookish: The BN Community Blog by Lisa Steinke


Women, especially mothers of all ages, will love this novel which is about the tensions between motherhood and personal dreams and women across generations inspiring each other.
- SHE KNOWS Entertainment


Everyone should have a Fedelina in their life. Someonen older, wiser, and inspiring. Even though a mother can be all those things sometimes they are too close and love too much. A Fedelina could be on the outside looking in and telling you like it is through their eyes. I learned a lot of things from this novel within a novel. I highly recommend that it makes it onto your reading list. It was immensely engaging and Lemmon has a way with words and feelings.
– Till We Read Again


This book does not simply deal with the complications of marriage and motherhood but rather it shows how a woman realizes her dreams and ambitions despite all of this. Sand in My Eyes inspired me. I found Cora’s letters extremely encouraging, soothing and inspiring. All the characters in the book are practical and realistic. The writing by itself is so powerful and yet so smooth that I was hooked from the very first page.
This is simply the kind of book that will make you think and think hard, long after you have finished the book. I am so glad that I actually own this book and it is not a borrowed copy because I am sure I will be going back and reading it again and again.
The book has a soothing and calming effect, which I absolutely cherish. It is a beautiful book. The ending took me by surprise though. I did not imagine that one coming! I recommend this book to all those who have a liking for Adult Women’s Fiction.
– Bookaholics Oye!!


This was a quiet, introspective read, full of wise counsel and beautiful analogies.
Christine Lemmon does a wonderful job with character development. Anna felt very real, as did her efforts to make sense of her life and Fedelina with her insight was adorable. I absolutely loved the garden analogies and the way Fedelina uses roses, orchids and plants in general to teach Anna about finding contentment in the different stages of life as a mother and a woman.
—The Eclectic Reader


It is a wonderful book. The language in this book is beautiful and there are many passages that deserve to be read again and pondered. The lessons presented are not new, but they are important and ones that can sink into a reader’s soul. For me, they were profound.
— My Random Acts of Reading


Have you heard the phrase about friendships that each one serves a particular purpose and that a friend comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I think the same can be said for books. I kept thinking this phrase over and over as I was reading this book. Fedelina and Anna needed one another at this particular point in their lives. Fedelina was able to provide wisdom and insight to the younger woman. Anna was able to ease the loneliness of the older woman. There was so much I liked about this story. I think my absolute favorite parts were the life lessons learned in the garden.
–Woman’s Day Review by Teresa’s Reading Corner


This book provided me with some much needed insight and taught me lessons that I hope I don’t forget. I enjoyed the story within a story.


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good “escape to the beach and sort out life” kind of story.


 I don’t know how she did it, but author Christine Lemmon, must have chatted with a fly on my wall. The next time I sit on my kitchen floor as the kids swirl around me, I won’t feel so alone. Her depiction of the chaos of motherhood in her book, Sand in My Eyes, is dead-on honest. She skillfully rips off the band-aid of domestic bliss to reveal a raw and itchy truth. This is the story of Anna Hott and her varied relationships with her husband, her children and a wise neighbor who becomes a trusted mentor (and her creative inspiration); a great read for women in all stages of life. --
- Between the Covers: Tattered Cover Book Blog


“…a novel of great insight, incredible emotional depth and true friendship between women, mothers and daughters. There is so much I enjoyed about Sand in My Eyes.”
 There is one aspect about the book I adored so very much. It was the way Fedelina managed to get tips on life, parenting, marriage, God, being a woman, the seasons of life, etc. across to everyone through analogies about flowers.
 Every page brought another profound statement about life, and I found myself examining my inner being.
— Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews


Looking for the perfect book to lose yourself in those precious hours by the pool, the beach, or just in a quiet room? Check out Sand in My Eyes by Christine Lemmon
Christine Lemmon has written a poignant and beautiful tale of friendship, encouragement, and the act of finding one’s true self. This is a powerful novel that will bring peals of laughter and buckets of tears, but finishes with a heart tugging ending that is rewarding and fulfilling.
—A Novel Source


It is the perfect cross-generational inspirational book for all women. It is the perfect book to give your daughter when she gets married—there are so many truths in the letters from Fedelina’s mother, that I know I want to write down for my daughter, with additional stories from our family. Read this book with your mother and make a family album of stories motherhood/womanhood/love. It will inspire you and your mother!
— Bless Their Hearts Mom


An absolutely beautiful novel, Sand in My Eyes by Christine Lemmon is a story of friendship, women, and the different stages of life.
The characters are exceedingly realistic, well written, and are women easy to identify with. Sand in My Eyes is a brilliantly woven story of women and how a woman’s life is one large metamorphosis, yet another meaningful metaphor uses in this extraordinary book, showcasing the many stages of a woman’s life.
I would recommend Sand in My Eyes to any reader, but especially to women. This would make an astounding pick for a book discussion group.
— Library Thing


It’s a reminder that although so much has changed in the last 100 years, the bond of a woman to her children is the same. The worries and concerns and things that confuse a woman’s priorities may be different, but the feeling is universal.
This story is told in a unique way alternating between excerpts of Anna’s novel-in-progress, letters, conversations, and real-time events. I loved the way the story came together, and I don’t want to even hint at the surprise in the plot that could only be realized with the narrative unfolding in this way.
Christine Lemmon’s Sand in My Eyes is a clean read that will resonate whether you have someone like Fedelina in your life or not. There’s no doubt that you will appreciate and enjoy her wisdom, and no doubt you will relate to some of Anna’s story.
— 5 Minutes for Books


I found it very clever how Christine Lemmon was able to take the idea of the garden and carry it through all the lessons that Anna needed to learn in life—that not everything will be blooming at once, and that while sometimes it feels as if nothing is blooming, with sand in your eyes you will never see the beauty of what’s blooming around you.
— Always with a Book


 There was so much inspirational, but not sappy stuff in the book that I wanted to write down so I would remember it. The ending was a complete surprise and I never saw it coming, but it did wrap up nicely. I would highly recommend this book to any mother at whatever stage of mothering she happens to be at!
— Books and Needlepoint


On the surface, Sand in My Eyes is about survival. The gems come from the letters and correspondence depicting the lives of characters in the past. The book is interesting in that every reader will get something different out of the story within.
— Luxury Reading


Think women’s fiction and beach read, and if you think hard enough, you’ll conjure something along the lines of Christine Lemmon’s third novel, Sand in My Eyes.
— 5 Minutes Alone, AuthorScoop Exclusives


Lemmon conveys poignantly in Portion of the Sea the magical, healing qualities of a visit to Lee County: “…I was as much a part of the spring day as the roseate spoonbills flying overhead and the hot pink periwinkles covering the ground and the pale pink coquina shells burying themselves beneath the sand … I was sitting on a blanket spread out across the white powdery sand of Sanibel Island…”
—the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Partnership Site



Talented Christine Lemmon writes about Sanibel in a way that is provocative and inspiring. Her novels will put you on an island wherever you are.
—Sanibel Beach Blog


Lemmon has done an admirable job of weaving together all the details that make this novel worth reading. The writing is moral, godly, and not filled with the trashy words and deeds that seem so necessary in today’s popular literature. Give yourself a treat and read this book.
—Book Review by Jay Kingsley in the Islander

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